Amazon Delivery Driver Caught Peeing In The Driveway

An Amazon delivery man was captured on video urinating in the driveway after reportedly getting locked out of his van.

Amazon has a real problem when it comes to its delivery drivers leaving unwanted gifts around the crib.

Last week, we reported on a delivery driver who was captured on video  before leaving it at the door. Now, a different man was representing the massive corporation when he delivered a parcel to the client's door, walked back to his van, and urinated on the driveway.

In the driver's defense, he appears to have gotten locked out of his vehicle, attempting to open the doors before realizing that he needed to call for help. While waiting for somebody to arrive, he seemingly could not wait any longer, deciding that the driveway was a good spot to relieve himself.

Amazon Delivery Driver Caught Peeing In The Driveway
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The footage was picked up by Ring, showing the delivery driver checking around to make sure nobody could see him before he adjusted his pants and got to work.

As TMZ points out, the homeowner likely would have been less inclined to allow the driver into their home to relieve himself because of the global pandemic we're living through. However, he doesn't appear to have asked if he could use their restroom, which results in an automatic L on his part.

Watch the video below.