Amy Schumer Flashed Jimmy Buffett’s Widow At His Memorial

Amy Schumer found a unique way to lighten the mood at a memorial event for the late singer Jimmy Buffett. Buffett passed away on Sept. 1, 2023, and according to a colleague, Schumer exposed herself to get a laugh at a dinner in Buffett's honor. The prank was only meant for the people in the room, but it came to light this weekend at the Variety Power of Women event in New York City.

Schumer was one of the honorees at the Variety event this weekend, and before she came on stage she was introduced by Sascha Seinfeld. Sascha is the daughter of comedian Jerry Seinfeld and a writer on Schumer's series Life & Beth. According to a report by Page Six, she chose this outrageous story to sum up Schumer, saying: "Last summer at a memorial dinner for the late, great Jimmy Buffett, when his widow Jane Buffett entered the room of grieving guests, Amy took one of her t-s out, walked right up to Jane, and gave her a huge hug."

According to Sascha, the joke got the desired effect. She said: "It cut right through the darkness and made everyone smile. If that isn't a celebration of life, I don't know what is."

It's worth noting that Schumer wasn't messing around with total strangers – she had a long-standing friendship with the Buffett family. She has reportedly said that she listened to Buffett's music growing up, and that it remained a comfort to her throughout the years. Buffett even made a cameo on Life & Beth Season 2.

Sascha shared another quip that Schumer got in during the memorial event as well. She said: "[Schumer] also said to his daughter and my friend Delaney, 'If it makes you feel any better, I wish my dad was dead.'"

Buffett's condition went public in May of 2023 when he needed to reschedule and cancel some tour dates due to his health. He was hospitalized and his condition deteriorated fast, and in August he entered hospice care. It wasn't until after his death that fans learned he had contracted a rare and aggressive form of skin cancer called Merkel-cell cariconma. He had first been diagnosed with the condition four years earlier, but had kept it private for as long as possible.

Buffett's passing inspired heartfelt tributes from many other celebrities and public figures, including musicians of all genres, entertainers from other mediums like Schumer, and even politicians like President Joe Biden. At the time, Schumer posted a photo of herself with Buffett on Instagram, writing: "He could change your whole perspective on life with one smile. I'm glad he smiled at me."