Angels & Airwaves played Hammerstein (pics), Tom paid tribute to Mark Hoppus in Philly (video)

Tom DeLonge's band Angels & Airwaves are on tour now in support of their first album in seven years, Lifeforms (order on limited aqua with neon and magenta splatter vinyl), and they played NYC's Hammerstein Ballroom on Saturday (10/23). They played more than half the new album, plus classics like "The Adventure," "The War," "Everything's Magic," and others. Pictures of the show, a couple fan-shot videos, and the setlist are in this post.

Tom didn't play any blink-182 or Box Car Racer at this show, but he did break out "There Is" and "I Miss You" during the encore of the NJ show at Starland Ballroom a few days earlier (10/17) (video below). As Exclaim points out, he also celebrated his former bandmate Mark Hoppus being cancer free at the Philly show on 10/19, saying:

My friend Mark came down with stage 4 cancer and now he's fucking clear of it! So this song is about my broken family. About my dad having all these extra girls on the side and him and my mom fighting. I got kicked out of high school, and I knew these two skateboarders at this other high school I went to, and one of them was a good friend of David [Kennedy of Angels & Airwaves] and mine. And he came up to me and he was like, "Hey, you should meet my girlfriend." And this girl comes up and she goes, "I hear you're starting a band." She goes, "My brother is moving down here. His name's Mark and he plays bass guitar." This song is for Mark because he's fucking cancer-free.


Pictures from Hammerstein by Nick Karp, including openers Bad Suns and My Kid Brother continue below.

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Angels & Airwaves @ Hammerstein Ballroom - 10/23/21 Setlist (via)
Kiss & Tell
The Adventure
Everything's Magic
Losing My Mind
Secret Crowds
Rebel Girl
The Wolfpack
Rite of Spring
The War