Anika tells us about her favorite things from 2021

Berlin-based artist Anika released Change this year, which was her first solo album since her debut, and followed two albums with her group Exploded View. Change is her strongest statement to date as a songwriter -- more melodic, more considered, more deliberate, more angry. It's a terrific album and if you haven't given it a listen, you can do so below.

Anika sent us a list of her favorite things from 2021 which include music, film, a change in scenery and more. Check out her list and commentary below.


Returning to Reims: The documentary film
So many narratives and thought provocations in this - please watch it

Audrey Lorde’s Zami: A New Spelling of my Name
After only reading her poetry, this opens a whole different world of the very making, watering of the seed. Empowering and inspiring.

Moving back to Berlin from Branden’middle of nowhere’berg and getting coffee and a croissant again that didn’t taste like shit
After moaning about Berlin for years, spending 2 years in Brandenburg during lockdown, provided quite the reality check of what I have. Feeling grateful.

Reading Dummy magazine's "Alone" issue
We live in a divided society, right wing politics is even stronger in this climate, as is the age of disinformation - let’s come together and care about each other. Starting by holding the door open for somebody and not slamming it in their face.

Playing Syn Fest, Berlin with the Invada crew
It’s been a while. I was quite scared because Billy and Geoff (of Beak> with whom i did the first record) are like disapproving dads and i had just done a solo record without them and had a new band without them but there was love all around and a healthy leaving the house vibe.

Putting together the best girl band ever
Props to Agent Frawley, Rageal Agro and Wanda Whitton. I love all of them so much. Also props to Brandon, who is our driver and sound and keeps us all grounded. Change can happen.

So many inspiring films to watch on Mubi
Thanks - you got me through lockdown, with your ever inspiring selection.

Getting to see and hear Yugen Blakrok live and feel something again
What a delivery, what emotions, what talent.

Thanks 2021, you made me much more grateful for what i have. Big love all around. Hope to see you all at some live shows next year, that would be really nice.