Arm’s Length tell us about their favorite albums of 2022

Ontario emo band Arm's Length have been on a streak of making great music, from their 2021 EP Everything Nice to their ambitious debut LP Never Before Seen, Never Again Found (which came out last month via Wax Bodega). In honor of end-of-year list season, Arm's Length made us a list of ten of their favorite albums of 2022, including Anxious, The 1975, Lavender Days, The Wonder Years, and more. Read on for their list, and what they had to say about each pick...

Arm's Length's 10 Favorite Albums of 2022

Anxious - Little Green House
Amazing emocore record with some unexpected beautiful harmonies and ballads. "In April" might be my favourite song released in the past couple years.

Valleyheart - Heal My Head
This band’s entire discography is so underrated. Their production is some of my favourite adjacent to the genre right now. "The Numbers" and "Warning signs" are amazing songs.

The 1975 - Being Funny In A Foreign Language
Love the Springsteen / folky twang on some of these songs. "Part of the Band." "When We Are Together." "About You."

John’s Cottage - Big and Tall
Band with a super unique sound from Ontario. Aggressive acoustic emo rock. Take a listen!

The Wonder Years - The Hum Goes On Forever
Dan Campbell’s best lyrical and vocal delivery to date. Sounds huge. "Low Tide"

Sullii - wake up next to me
Arguably the most refreshing “emo rap” records i’ve heard in years, clever delivery and flow throughout the whole thing

Boundaries - Burying Brightness
Refreshing take on the classic metalcore sound with great choruses and amazing lyrics, very goated

CAAMP - Lavender Days
Nice light and airy great music to spend time with in the summer

Carly Cosgrove - See You In Chemistry
real emo. really big shrimp.

No Pressure - No Pressure
Nostalgic classic pop punk music bangers and catchy hooks front to back


Arm's Length are also opening Anxious' holiday show in New Haven, CT the day after Thanksgiving at State House (11/25), along with Restraining Order and Wreckage. Tickets are available.