Awesome Talent From California Excels In New Single: CALYN “Falling”

Authentic singer CALYN breaks boundaries with an exciting new single called “Falling.” A tremendous composition that shines with its minimal form and incredible vocals, elevating CALYN’s potential to its highest. 

With unprecedented confidence in each verse, CALYN gives a profound performance delivering her most romantic track so far in her young career. “Falling” starts with a mellow ambience with simple beats, letting the artist’s unique voice dominate the track. The beautifully mixed song makes for the perfect contemporary r&b track to seduce all kinds of listeners.  

A natural born musician, CALYN’s love for music came from her childhood days being surrounded by her parents who loved music and encouraged their children to learn and express themselves. Her older sister DYLI was the first official musician of the household, helping CALYN hone her singing and instrument skills to what it is today. 

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