BABYMONSTER drop teaser for first mini-album, ‘BABYMONS7ER’

YG Entertainment rookie girl group BABYMONSTER have dropped the first teaser for their forthcoming first mini-album, ‘BABYMONS7ER’.

BABYMONSTER announced the mini-album today (February 28) with the release of a brief teaser clip, which uploaded to the group’s YouTube channel. The 20-second clip features an official logo for ‘BABYMONS7ER’ backed by strong hip-hop instrumentation, presumably lifted from the album itself.

The teaser also revealed that the K-pop girl group’s upcoming record will be released on April 1 at midnight KST. More details, such as the album’s tracklist, lead single and more, will be unveiled at a later stage.


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The title of ‘BABYMONS7ER’ was likely inspired by pre-debut member Ahyeon upcoming return to the group for the upcoming mini-album’s release, making them a septet once more, following her absence from BABYMONSTER’s debut in November 2023.

Despite having been in the group’s original line-up, Ahyeon had to delay her debut due to “health reasons”. The forthcoming release of ‘BABYMONS7ER’ will mark the band’s second music release of the year, following the standalone single ‘Stuck In The Middle’ earlier this month.

‘Stuck In The Middle’ was first announced on New Years Eve last year, and does not include Ahyeon. However, in a previous statement made by YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun-suk, it was confirmed that both ‘Stuck In The Middle’ and their debut ‘Batter Up’ will be re-recorded as a seven-member group to include Ahyeon.

In the same announcement, Yang also revealed the mini-album’s release date of April 1, and also confirmed that BABYMONSTER will be dropping a full-length album sometime “around autumn”.

After making their debut late last year, BABYMONSTER’s music video for ‘Batter Up’ has since become the most-viewed debut K-pop music video in 24 hours, besting a record previously held by aespa.