Baby’s All Right offering year memberships that get you into all shows

Baby's All Right didn't really get to properly celebrate its eighth birthday last year due to the pandemic, but they'll be doing so this year by offering a Magic 8-Ball membership program that will get you into a year's worth of shows at the Williamsburg club.

For $199, the membership comes with a sterling silver Magic 8-Ball pendant on an 18" chain. In addition to free entry to shows for a year, you'll also get "special invites to bi-annual ‘members only‘ events with open bar, DJ’s and exclusive fun times." Here's more info:

The Chain operates on an email RSVP system. You'll receive a note from us detailing how that works. We run it this way because we cannot guarantee entry to all y'all for every single show. Basically, first come first served! RSVP requests are due !!before!! 5PM on the closest business day to your chosen event. Eg. if your show takes place on Sunday the 12th, RSVP is due before 5PM on Friday the 10th.

** Wearing the chain without email confirmation of an RSVP will not guarantee entry into the show (but doesn’t hurt to try). Entry is subject to the discretion of the door person based on capacity of the event.

Order yours here. In the last year, Baby's All Right has hosted shows by Spoon, Wet Leg and more. Check out Baby's upcoming show schedule here.