Beach House share 4 more songs from ‘Once Twice Melody’ (watch the videos)

Beach House are releasing their new album, Once Twice Melody, in monthly four-song chapters, culminating with the physical release of the whole album on February 18. We got the first four songs, including the title track, back in November, and now here are the next four: "Runaway," "ESP," "New Romance" and "Over and Over."

Every song on the album comes with a lyric video by a different visual artist, and all four of these are pretty terrific and very psychedelic. The throbbing "Runaway" gets Brakhage-esque video by Ethan Fedele; Jennifer Juniper Stratford uses old-school, '70s-style video effects for the dreamy ballad "ESP"; Zach Lieberman makes the lyrics of "New Romance" swirl in dunes of digital sand; and Nicholas Law's flowery, ultra-saturated visual for the gorgeous, choral "Over and Over" is a bit like experiencing synthesia (he also made the similarly lysergic "Superstar" video).

Watch all four videos below.

Once Twice Melody is out February 18 via Sub Pop. You can preorder it on Gold and Silver edition vinyl and cassette; Depression Cherry also just came back on vinyl. Grab that along with the new album and others on cassette, and black and color vinyl.

Beach House will be on tour in 2022, including stops at the This Ain't No Picnic festival in Los Angeles and Brooklyn's Kings Theatre on July 19 & 20.