Bent Knee announce new album ‘Frosting,’ share “Queer Gods,” touring with TWIABP

Boston art rockers Bent Knee have announced their sixth album, Frosting, due November 5 via Take This To Heart Records (pre-order). "This was definitely very different," said band member and producer Vince Welch. "Every other album had basically been the band in a room at at least some point in the process, but we finished this one still having never played these songs together. And then the technological limitation of having to send each other everything created this different dynamic that slowed everything down. You didn’t have to react to an idea in like half a second – you could take an afternoon to ponder it."

"The whole record is a mix of lighthearted and pretty songs, and then heavy, nasty songs," Vince adds. "I initially thought it was going to have to be multiple EPs, but we decided to lean into the differences between the songs and find an album order that switches as aggressively as possible."

The first single is "Queer Gods," which finds the band exploring their bright pop side, but still in an eccentric, complex way that sounds a lot weirder than the average person's definition of "pop." Listen and watch the Ben Levin-animated video below.

As mentioned, Bent Knee will be opening The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die's tour, including the show at NYC's Elsewhere on November 13 (tickets). That show is also with Gates. There used to be an Asbury Park show too, but it appears to have been cancelled. All dates are listed below.

Read our new interview with TWIABP's Chris Teti about their new album Illusory Walls, which comes out this week.

Invest in Breakfast
Baby in the Bush
Fighting All My Life
The Upward Spiral
Set it Off
Have it All
Queer Gods
Rib Woman
The Floor is Lava
Cake Party
Not This Time