‘Blue Bloods’: Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan Are ‘More Upset and Sad’ With Cancellation

Blue Bloods is nearing the end, and stars Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan are speaking out about it. The long-running CBS procedural is set to end after its current 14th season later this year. Season 14 is being split into two parts, with the first part consisting of 10 and Part 2 consisting of eight episodes. As Part 1 prepares to air its finale on May 17, two of the Reagan siblings are revealing how they are really feeling about it.

Via Deadline, the duo appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show, where the host and actress asked how they were feeling about the cancellation. Wahlberg admitted he was feeling "More upset and sad." And when it comes to saying goodbye to the characters, Moynahan responded to co-host Ross Matthews by sharing that it's "more of saying goodbye to the people behind the characters."

She continued, "We've created such a family on set with each other and the crew — most of the crew's been with us for 14 years, so we've been through a lot of weddings, births, deaths, and everything. We've been through it all with each other." Wahlberg and Moynahan aren't the only ones who are dreading the final goodbyes, as their on-screen dad Tom Selleck previously admitted he isn't ready to say goodbye either, and fans are surely not looking forward to the day that final Reagan family dinner happens.

Meanwhile, despite this being Blue Bloods' final season, some people aren't going down that easy. Blue Bloods fans have started petitions and campaigns in an effort to save the series, and even Donnie Wahlberg has taken note of it all. Wahlberg has also heard rumblings that this might not be it, so you never know. S.W.A.T. was recently picked up for an eighth season, marking the second time in less than a year it's been saved from cancellation. Perhaps Blue Bloods will be next.

Whatever happens with Blue Bloods, at least fans still have several months left to say goodbye to the Reagans. As of now, a premiere date for Season 14, Part 2 has yet to be announced, along with a series finale date, but it should be soon. In the meantime, new episodes of Blue Bloods air on Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS, with the Season 14, Part 1 finale airing on May 17.