Canceled Comedy TV Show Is Still Set for Revival: Will Neff Teases ‘Hey, Donna!’ Comeback

While there haven't been many updates, one of the funniest shows of the 2020s is still set for a revival after its 2022 cancellation. Will Neff recently assured fans that Hey, Donna!, his comedic live call-in advice show, is still slated to return. Neff shared the update on Late Night With QT, QTCinderella's late-night talk show on Twitch.

Neff, also known as a co-host of the podcast Fear&, jumped into character to play host Donna Pecorino on the advice show, sharing wisdom to viewers alongside an assistant (often Donna's "niece" QTCinderella) and a special guest. The show was a quick hit for G4TV, but it only aired six episodes before Comcast once again closed down the gaming-centric TV network in late 2022. Neff wants to make more Hey, Donna!, but the preparation is still not complete.

"Donna is going to come back, but, as you (QT) know, all these things take time to build," Neff said. "Donna has kind of fallen by the wayside with a lot of other projects recently ,and so hopefully I can bring her back soon."

Neff, who was co-host on G4's revived Attack of the Show!, noted that the new version of Hey, Donna! will likely fall under the OTK banner. (Neff previously revealed that he signed with the media group back in February.) Just be patient with Neff, who reiterated, "I have so many oars in the water right now."

In addition to his independent Twitch streaming career, Neff is one of the co-hosts of the podcast Fear&, alongside Hasan Piker, AustinShow and QTCinderella. He also co-hosts the game show Name Your Price with AustinShow; the series wrapped up its Season 3 live tour in late 2023. Plus, he pops up in various other projects, such as the live Twitch special Esfand's Draft Night Extravaganza and an upcoming bbno$ music video.

About Hey, Donna!

The set-up for each installment of Hey, Donna! saw Will Neff in character as the middle-aged dating expert giving advice to real-life callers in need. Donna's "niece" QTCinderella served as her assistant (with personalities like Kassem G, Cyr and JustaMinx filling in when QT was unavailable). Also weighing in on callers' situations during each episode were special guests, such as Mia Malkova, Hasan Piker, Neekolul and AustinShow.

While there was humor and wackiness in every episode, there were countless heartfelt moments where Donna and company dealt out words of encouragement and love to viewers going through tough situations. The mixture of comedy and empathy quickly won over audiences on TwitchYouTube and linear TV, which made the show's six-episode G4 run even more bittersweet.

For now, all episodes of Hey, Donna! are still live on G4TV's official YouTube channel. Some edited versions and highlights are also posted on the network's "Incognito Mode" channel.