Cardi B Details Embarrassing Incident With Rihanna and Paris Hilton

Cardi B is getting real about the embarrassing thing that happened to her while she was hanging out with Rihanna and Paris Hilton. The "WAP" rapper, 31, shared the incident publicly during her recent Instagram Live stream, revealing that after spending an evening with the "Diamonds" singer, 36, and heiress, 43, she went home only to find she had food stuck in her teeth throughout their whole time together.

"I was eating, I was hungry," Cardi said in footage of the Live captured on social media. "I'm talking to Paris Hilton, I'm talking to Rihanna. You know when I smile I get nervous. I'm all up in Paris Hilton face. We sitting right next to each other." The "I Like It" artist continued, "You know when I f-ing went home, you know what I noticed? I noticed I had something black in my f-ing teeth, b-ch, the whole time."

"When I got home and I noticed that, I just literally buried myself in my f-ing bed," Cardi admitted. "That s-t is so f-ing embarrassing."

Cardi wasn't specific about where the incident occurred, but the Grammy winner did cross paths with Rihanna and Hilton at a fundraiser event held by Hollywood Unlocked CEO Jason Lee in Los Angeles last week. Neither Rihanna nor Hilton have shared their recollection of the moment publicly at this time. 

Cardi recently shared another story about having trouble with her teeth when it comes to food. Last month, she took to TikTok with a hilarious video that revealed one of her veneers fell out after eating a "hard ass" bagel. In the video, Cardi makes her way around a stunning pool while a clip of her new single "Enough (Miami)" plays as text on the screen reads, "Wait till the end for a surprise..." 

The video then cuts to Cardi sitting in a chair as she smiles to reveal her missing tooth. "How y'all doing muthaf---as?" she says with an exaggerated country accent. In another post on Instagram, Cardi revealed exactly how she lost her tooth, writing, "Why one of [my] veneers came out chewing on a hard ass bagel?" 

The performer's followers were eating up the story, with one person commenting on TikTok, "Cardi B you need your own comedy show! I would watch that show religiously girl," and another writing, "She too funny and unserious."