Cassandra Jenkins Shares Her New Song ‘Only One’ And Announces Her Third Album, ‘My Light, My Destroyer’

Cassandra Jenkins finds herself stuck in her ways. Tonight (April 16), the New York native has shared her new single, “Only One,” on which, she finds herself returning to a love that feels safe.

Though this love feels familiar and comfortable to her, there may be more out there for Jenkins. But as the age-old adage holds, old habits die hard.

“It’s about a Groundhog Day effect, finding yourself in the same situation over and over again, not knowing how to get out of that loop—and in some sense, an unwillingness to break a cycle because you’re blinded by your circumstances,” said Jenkins of the song in a statement.

In the video, Jenkins is seen in New York City, going about the neighborhoods alone, as she reflects on love. In addition to the single, Jenkins has announced her new album, My Light, My Destroyer, which is due for release this summer.

You can see the video for “Only One” above and the My Light, My Destroyer cover art and tracklist below.

Dead Oceans

1. “Devotion”
2. “Clams Casino”
3. “Delphinium Blue”
4. “Shatner’s Theme”
5. “Aurora, IL”
6. “Betelgeuse”
7. “Omakase”
8. “Music??”
9. “Petco”
10. “Attente Téléphonique”
11. “Tape And Tissue”
12. “Only One”
13. “Hayley”

My Light, My Destroyer is out 7/12 via Dead Oceans. Find more information here.