“Changes” Artist zenith. Opens Up About His Recent Singles

Talented newcomer, zenith., who stepped into the industry with the debut single “Freddy Freddy,” continues to leave a powerful impact with tracks like “Skip” and “Changes.” The artist manages to convey strong and meaningful messages in his songs by sharing intimate experiences with the audience.

Speaking of his latest releases, zenith. says: “All three singles capture so much of me in different ways. “Freddy Freddy” is the guilt, the anger, the shame, but also a realization of that with a hope to grow. “Skip” is the indifference, the sometimes fake carefreeness with a light heart. “Changes” is the nostalgia, the disbelief that so much can happen in this crazy journey we call life. All are zenith.”

zenith. explains that “music is so much more than a combination of words and sounds. It has the potential to create really deep emotions, entire movies in a listener’s head.” He admits: “Throughout my life, I’ve found music to be something I turn to for clarity, to feel something deeper, or look at something from a different perspective.” 

Releasing tracks such as “Freddy Freddy,” “Skip,” and “Changes,” zenith. hopes to give listeners that same feeling of satisfaction he gets from creating music, “I don’t think there’s a formula to accomplish this, but by being 100% me, I hope I can. Everyone’s story is different, but the feeling is universal.”

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