Charleston screamo band To Forget prep new LP (stream “Pill of Apathy”)25 Essential Screamo Albums of the '90s/'00s

Charleston, SC screamo band To Forget are gearing up to release a new album, Echoes Take Their Place, on Zegema Beach Records. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kris Hilbert, and its first single is "Pill of Apathy," a grand, climactic, post-rocky screamo song that nails the balance between heavy and beautiful.

"In a sense this record deals a lot with the pieces of your life that slip away from you seamlessly, naturally," the band tells us. "Feeling the weight of your missed opportunities to truly be present with someone you love after you’ve missed your chance with them. Loss initiates an echo chamber of grief and reflection. This record sort of pulls at those perceptions."

Vinyl pre-orders launch November 29 at noon Eastern on Zegema Beach's website (/200 random color). Stay tuned for that and stream the new song below...


25 Essential Screamo Albums of the '90s/'00s