Ciara & Russell Wilson Reveal Baby Gender

Ciara and Russel Wilson reveal the gender of their second baby together.

and Russel Wilson announced their pregnancy at , indicating baby #3 was on the way. The two parents already have a daughter together, Sienna, while they co-parent with for baby Future Zahir. We've seen her  since then, while she's shared updated along the way including how the pandemic has affected this particular pregnancy.

She revealed that she had to go to her recent Ultrasound appointment solo dolo because of the extra precautions many hospitals have implemented in the face of COVID-19. "Ultrasound visits during this era of Covid-19 is a bummer because my hubby [ Wilson] can’t come in with me to my visit. Truly a challenging time for expectant mothers," she wrote.

Ciara & Russell Wilson Reveal Baby Gender

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Today, though, Ciara is sharing some of the more enjoyable aspects of pregnancy, even if it's during a pandemic-- the gender reveal. Ciara and Russ rounded up their two children, Sienna and Future, to partake in the moment. Before revealing the gender of their baby, Ciara asks her children what they would like, with Future proclaiming he wants a baby brother while Sienna takes up the stance for a baby sister. Two seconds later the reveal happens, as Ciara and Russ pop blue smoke and glitter into the air, confirming that they are having a baby boy.

We're wishing them a happy and healthy pregnancy during this difficult time.

Check out the gender reveal clip below.