Cocteau Twins’ Robin Guthrie preps first solo LP in 9 years (stream a track)Cocteau Twins’ Vast Influence Lives On : 24 Great Artists They’ve Inspired

Cocteau Twins co-founder Robin Guthrie released the Mockingbird Love EP a few weeks ago, saying it was the first of a few new records on the way. The next is coming very soon: Pearldiving, his first solo album in nine years, is out November 12.

“After Another Flower, released just a few days before the untimely passing of my friend and co-conspirator Harold Budd, I felt the need to break my studio down and build it up again afresh to clear my head," Robin says. "The dawn of many of my previous releases was travel. I loved being somewhere new to work but, for a while now, the pandemic hasn’t permitted that. So earlier this year I 'stayed at home' and created Pearldiving. This is my first instrumental album since Fortune and I guess I had some feelings to process."

The first shared track from the album is "Les Amourettes," which is as gorgeous and ethereal as you would expect from Guthrie, though at just over two minutes it comes to a conclusion just as you're starting to get swept away. You can listen below.

If you need more Robin, you can pick up This Mortal Coil's classic debut album, It'll End in Tears, which features Guthrie and Elizabeth Fraser on their iconic cover of Tim Buckley's "Song to the Siren," on vinyl in the BV shop.

1. Ivy
2. Ouestern
3. Castaway
4. On the Trail of Grace
5. Les Amourettes
6. Euphemia
7. Oceanaire
8. Presence
9. Kerosine
10. The Amber Room


Cocteau Twins’ Vast Influence Lives On : 24 Great Artists They’ve Inspired