Daniel Avery tells us about his favorite music of 2021

Producer and musician Daniel Avery released Together in Static this summer; an album, like many this year, that was born out of pandemic lockdown. He'd wanted to have some new music for a livestream event, which turned into a whole new album. "The record has been my own personal beacon of light this year," Daniel says, and the music within is hopeful, exploring the danceable and the ambient. Listen below.

We asked Daniel to tell us about what he listened to the most this year, and he returned with a Top 10 of 2021 that includes albums, EPs, and singles. Check out his list, complete with commentary, below.

As for what's ahead, Daniel has a new album in the works for 2022. Stay tuned.


Daniel Avery - Favorite Music of 2021

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Carnage
Easily my album of the year, this felt like a warm embrace during lockdown. It’s incredible to consider that these two are on the form of their lives after so many years.

Loraine James - Reflection
One of the brightest stars of the British underground. Lorraine has her own unique version of electronica that takes in swathes of influences but always delivered with a punk spirit.

Manni Dee - A Low Level Love
Manni is a true hero of the scene. He’s always delivered techno with a burning fire in his heart but this album proves his wings span far beyond that world.

Tyler, The Creator - CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST
Tyler’s always ten steps ahead of the pack - he lives on his own planet. It’s inspiring to see an artist constantly overflowing with ideas.

Mandy, Indiana - S/T EP
Probably the most exciting new band in the UK right now. Like Can and PiL dropping halves in the queue for Berghain.

Tim Reaper - "Whirlpools"
This guy is made of pure electricity and sets fire to everything he touches right now. Jungle sent from the future.

Doss - "Strawberry"
Single of the year for me. I’m obsessed.

Richard Fearless - Future Rave Memory
Another entry into the astounding catalogue of Fearless and Death In Vegas. This is an extended trip of a drone record and one that I never want to end.

HAAi - "The Sun Made For A Soft Landing"

There’s no one else out there like HAAi. The next phase for her is going to be something truly special.

Joy Orbison - still slipping vol 1
It’s always been clear that Joy had a great album in him but this blew me away. It made so much around it pale in comparison. Other very honourable mentions this year go to Leon Vynehall, HTRK, Billie Eilish, PAN-AL, Tomaga, Overmono… it’s been a good one.