Danish band Lowly announce ‘Keep Up the Good Work’ (stream the title track)

Danish band Lowly have announced their third album, Keep Up the Good Work, which will be released February 17 via Bella Union. Like on their first two albums, they worked with producer Anders Boll, who became all but a sixth member of the band on this one.

“We know each other really well after 8 years as friends, colleagues and collective creators," Lowly say in a statement. "We know what we’re each going through in life, and we can hear it in the music we make together; it’s always a personal reflection of us in the given moment. You can hear that we’ve become older, that we have more to tell. During the pandemic we experienced both the joys of having children and the sorrow of losing people we cared for. Life and death struck us, you could say, which maybe seems rather banal or cliché to be writing about. But for that reason, we think this record speaks universally, and has the potential of resonating with many people.”

The title of the album reflects how the band's fans became a part of the album. “We asked people to send us recordings of what they would say to the people they cared for to give encouragement or support," says singer Soffie Viemose. "Our DMs were flooded with positive affirmations and personal stories about what people tell their kids, friends and loved ones. Many of them are quite simple, but also effective thoughts to meditate upon, instead of focusing on something destructive you’d otherwise bang your head against.”

Those recordings feature on Keep Up the Good Work's gently joyous title track, and you can watch the lyric video for it below.


Keep Up The Good Work:
What A Day
Keep Up The Good Work
Feel Someone
The Fish
You Are Good And I Love You
Lead Me
Nothing Much
Took A Day Of Feeling Sad
The We The You The I