Dave Chappelle monologued about Kanye, Black Star performed on ‘Saturday Night Live’ (video)

Dave Chappelle hosted Saturday Night Live once again this week and brought along friends and collaborators Black Star -- Yasiin Bey and Talib Kweli -- as musical guests. They in turn brought out Madlib for “The Main Thing Is To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing” and also performed “So Be It,” both from this year's No Fear of Time, their first album in 24 years. Watch below.

There was, of course, some controversy around having Chappelle host and he of course did not tone himself down in the monologue. “ Before I begin tonight I just want to read a brief statement that I've prepared," he said, pulling out a piece of paper from his pocket. "‘I denounce antisemitism in all its forms. And I stand with my friends in the Jewish community." He then said to the audience, “And that, Kanye, is how you buy yourself some time.” He devoted the first part of his monologue to Kanye. "I've seen Kanye get in some scrapes before and normally when he's in trouble I pull up immediately. But this time I was like, 'uh lemme see what's gonna happen first."

Chappelle also brought back a few of his classic Chappelle Show characters, Rick James and Tyrone Biggums, for a taped House of the Dragon parody that also featured and Ice-T and Donnell Rawlings reprising their characters from Chappelle Show's "Playa Hater's Ball" sketch. Watch that and a few other sketches from last night's SNL below.

SNL also announced that the December 3 episode will be hosted by Keke Palmer with musical guest SZA.

Black Star will play Sony Hall on Tuesday (11/15).