Dean The Dream Shares Tales Untold In Recent Album Hitchin’ It To Heaven

Dean The Dream is the dreamy realist rock artist you’ve been waiting for! Check out Hitchin’ It To Heaven and you will never forget it. Not just that, but you’ll also find a much-needed companion that feels and shares your emotions. Thought-provoking and full of depth, the album features lush rock, blues and psychedelia melodies that are both modern and yet feel old-school. 

Dean The Dream manages to capture the listeners’ attention, giving them a taste of what the rock scene could be and revolutionizing the way we view it. The artist has previously released a number of singles that have quickly become a staple, including “Four Roses,” “Misery ‘N,” as well as a prolific album Pink Sun. 

“The story of ‘Hitchin’ It to Heaven’ is mostly my attempt to discuss the different sorts of lives, secrets and stories that live within the gay community. As we become more visible and gain more acceptance, it’s important to tell the stories—even the not so pleasant ones—to further gain understanding,” the artist said about the album.