Disney Currently Working on Remakes of 3 More Classic Movies, Report Says

Disney is not slowing down on live-action remakes of classic animated films, with three highlighted in particular last month. In the latest fan Q&A post on The DisInsider, sources said that Disney is focusing on live-action adaptations of Hercules, Aristocats and The Sword in the Stone. That brings the total number of upcoming movies to nine, counting the ones already slated for release.

Disney has had mixed success adapting its classic animated films to live-action with photorealistic CGI, and the company is not slowing down now. Mufasa: The Lion King hits theaters on Dec. 20, 2024 followed by Snow White on March 21, 2025. The live-action take on Moana premieres on July 10, 2026, giving it the fastest turn-around time from animation to live-action so far. Not all of these movies have been critical or commercial successes, but according to The DisInsider, that isn't slowing the studio down.

Live-action adaptations of Hercules and The Aristocats have been announced before, and even have some talent attached. Deadline reported on Hercules back in 2022, with the Russo brothers onboard as producers, Dave Callaham as the writer and Guy Ritchie as director. That movie still doesn't have a release date yet, nor a cast. Meanwhile, Deadline announce The Aristocats in March of 2023 with Questlove onboard to direct. It will be written by Will Gluck and Keith Bunin.

The Sword in the Stone adaptation has not been announced publicly by Disney, and there's no concrete information on the project out there. The original 1963 animated film was based on T.H. Whites 1938 novel, bringing Arthurian legends into the modern age. It tells the meandering, episodic tale of an underdog boy Arthur (Rickie Sorensen) who befriends the wizard Merlin (Karl Swenson) and proves himself worthy to be the new king of England.

Disney has two other live-action adaptations underway. One is a new take on Bambi, though so far this is the only project without a director. According to The Hollywood Reporter the script will be handled by Geneva Robertson-Dworet, Lindsey Beer, Micah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster. Finally, the studio is reportedly adapting its 1973 animated Robin Hood film for live-action, with director Carlos López Estrada and writer Kari Granlund.

Disney will likely hold back big announcements for big events in the years to come, but for now fans can cross their fingers that these projects do or do not hit theaters. The next scheduled release is Mufasa: The Lion King on Dec. 20, 2024.