Dougie Poole announces new LP ‘The Rainbow Wheel of Death,” shares title track

Brooklyn country artist Dougie Poole has announced his second album, The Rainbow Wheel of Death, which will be out February 24 via Wharf Cat Records. He made this one with producer Katie Von Schleicher (Purple Mountains, Neko Case) and recorded it live in the studio with his band.

The album includes his single "High School Gym" from earlier this year, and he's just shared the album's title track, which is a typically thoughtful, witty look at life from a slightly different angle. “The 'Rainbow Wheel of Death' is the unofficial name of the little loading animation that plays while your computer is busy," Poole says. "Different people call it different things but it’s an old symbol - from the early operating systems I think - and everyone knows what it means. Sometimes it disappears as quickly as it appears and will leave you to your business. Sometimes it takes over for a while and then lets you go. Sometimes it means the end. But we see it every time we boot up a computer - round and dependable like a little moon. My computer is almost ten years old and starting to slow down before it goes, so I’ve been watching the rainbow wheel more and more these days.”

Listen to "The Rainbow Wheel of Death," and check out the album's artwork and tracklist, below.

dougie poole - the rainbow wheel of death

The Rainbow Wheel of Death:
1. The Rainbow Wheel of Death
2. High School Gym
3. Nothing on This Earth Can Make Me Smile
4. Worried Man Blues
5. Nickels & Dimes
6. I Lived My Whole Life Last Night
7. Beth David Cemetery
8. Must Be In Here Somewhere
9. I Hope My Baby Comes Home Soon