Dr. Acula reinvent themselves on their first album in 10 years (stream it)

Dr. Acula are back and they're all grown up. The once-self-proclaimed party-grinders have made a new self-titled album -- their first in 10 years -- and it's for when the party's over. It's a much darker, more serious beast than the albums Dr. Acula put out in the 2000s and early 2010s, but they still sound like Dr. Acula. It's still a batshit blend of metalcore, post-hardcore, grind, death metal, and more, with some cool electronics thrown in too, and it manages to sound refined without toning down the band's usual chaos. It also comes at a very good time for Dr. Acula, whose over-the-top style is echoed in many of today's heavy bands, like SeeYouSpaceCowboy and p.s.you'redead who they recently played shows with, and Bodysnatcher whose Kyle Medina guests on the new album's closing track "The Barking Ghost." Here's what each of the four band members had to say about the album:

Rob Guarino (bass):
This album serves as an "aperitif" for us, hence self titling it. We're proud of what the band accomplished in its formative years, but creating this took a different approach and intent. There is a familiarity in the music of course, it came from the same "kitchen". With new tools, refined techniques, a fresh point of view and surprisingly more angst than our younger years, we genuinely feel this is our best, most honest work to date.

Lou Figurito (guitar):
From a musical standpoint we took an anthological approach to this record. Our sound has varied from record to record and we wanted to capture a bit of everything in these songs. That’s the primary reason we self-titled this record; we want our old fans to find some familiarity in these songs, and an honest introduction for new listeners.

Rob Accardi (vocals):
We are very grateful to be welcomed back with open arms. We have met so many new friends/bands, and have been able to reconnect with old ones. To be able to get back on stage with the original lineup playing new music 15 years later is a gift. Thank you!

Bill Graffeo (guitar):
I personally never imagined this day would come, nor did I imagine us coming back with such a powerful record. Being back with everyone has changed my life in so many ways and I know we are all beyond grateful for everyone who has helped us get to this point. We are very proud of this new self-titled record and we know that fans new and old will feel the emotions put into this new chapter of the band.

The new album officially comes out this Friday (10/28) via Silent Pendulum Records (pre-order), but we're premiering a full stream of it right now. Check it out: