‘Elsbeth’: Carra Patterson Previews ‘Pivotal’ Episode for Kaya and Elsbeth’s Friendship (Exclusive)

Fresh off a Season 2 renewal, the new episode of Elsbeth airing this Thursday, Apr. 25 digs a little deeper into the titular character's investigation into Captain Wagner, and Carra Patterson spoke to PopCulture.com about what that will mean for her character, Kaya Blanke, and Elsbeth's friendship. While the police officer wasn't too sure about Elsbeth at first, the two have gradually been growing closer as they work together more, meaning that not only is their partnership blossoming but their friendship as well.

In the episode, titled "An Ear for an Ear," Kaya keeps tabs on Elsbeth's whereabouts as her investigation into Captain Wagner heats up, and her suspicions are only getting bigger. Patterson shared that this week's episode "is really pivotal for Kaya and Elsbeth's friendship." She continued, "I think there are a lot of suspicious things going on with this investigation, but Kaya starts to really question Elsbeth as well. I think she's put in a really tough position this episode."

(Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS)

At the end of the series premiere, it was revealed that the real reason Elsbeth was in New York and working with the NYPD is to look more into Captain Wagner, who may or may not be a corrupt cop. Now that Kaya is starting to have her suspicions about what might really be going on, it's possible that it's only just a matter of time before the truth comes out. With half the season over, Carra Patterson teased what this storyline will look like in the remaining episodes.

"I think Kaya has started to build a great trust with Elsbeth," Patterson explained. "She's seen her solve several cases at this point, and she sees that her instincts are usually right, but it triggers this really big conflict for Kaya because Elsbeth is now suspicious of Wagner, who was someone that Kaya has a great esteem and respect for. So I think what I love about this episode is that Kaya and Elsbeth have a great moment where Kaya gets to really question her flat out and find out if she's on the side of truth because Kaya really wants to do what's right, and she's very loyal. And I think by the end of this episode, we see Kaya gaining that trust and respect for Elsbeth again, and I think they leave, and they move forward as a team."

It sounds like the rest of the season will be a pretty intense one, especially for Elsbeth and Kaya, regardless of what the end result of the investigation is. Fans will surely want to watch the new episode of Elsbeth, airing this Thursday, Apr. 25 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS to see what happens.