Enrose ’s “Tattoo” Stands Out With Its Blend Of Deep Emotions And Musical Mastery


Enrose, the rising sensation in the music world, has set hearts ablaze with their latest release, “Tattoo.” The band's enthusiasm is palpable as they share their excitement about the track's reception. “It's been really good,” they exclaim, affirming that they are moving in the right direction.

Kit Benz, Gabi Rose, Jake Navarro, Nick Cabrera, and Valerio Fluido come together to form Enrose, releasing music that is a fusion of diverse themes such as self-expression, bravery, self-care, and love. Their lyrics are a reminder to hold oneself accountable for happiness and embrace self-expression while addressing life's challenges with a light-hearted touch. 

With influences ranging from R&B and neo-soul to rock, grunge, and pop, Enrose skillfully blends these diverse styles into a unique sound. They prioritize what feels right and exciting while paying homage to the music they grew up with.

Dream collaborations are on the horizon, including hopes to work with Paramore, Renee Rapp, Qveen Herby, and Anderson .Paak. Enrose's upcoming releases and tour with the Jonas Brothers are just the beginning of their journey into the music industry.

Their sound has evolved since their 2022 EP Wait, Create. They've delved deeper into songwriting as a discipline and incorporated more rock elements into their music, resulting in an electrifying live experience.

Following “Tattoo,” the future looks promising for Enrose, with more singles on the horizon and plans for a 2024 tour. While they acknowledge the challenges of the ever-changing industry, they remain optimistic about navigating the evolving scene.

Listen to “Tattoo” here: