Ethel Cain headlined her first NYC show at Market Hotel (pics, video, setlist)

Alabama artist Ethel Cain released her debut LP, Preacher's Daughter, earlier this month, and on Wednesday night (5/25) she played the second of two intimate release shows supporting it, at Brooklyn's Market Hotel. It was her first headlining show in NYC, and packed with eager fans well before she took the stage, accompanied by a guitarist (Colyer, who opened the show with a solo set) and drummer.

While Ethel has emphasized in interviews that she has no interest in living in a big city herself, she seemed gracious and delighted to be there, and was met with a huge reception from attendees, who cheered and sang along audibly to most songs, starting with the second, one of Preacher's Daughter's highlights, "American Teenager." Ethel introduced each song by talking a little about when it was written, and saying how special each one was to her, especially "A House in Nebraska," which she said was the first she wrote for the album and set the scene for the rest. She also took frequent swigs from a bottle of honey, which the crowd cheered on. She closed out the set with "Crush" from her 2021 EP Inbred; see her setlist, and pictures from the show, below.

Ethel will be heading out on a full tour starting in July, and she'll be back in NYC for a pair of shows at Bowery Ballroom, on September 9 and 10.

Family Tree
American Teenager
A House in Nebraska
Hard Times
Gibson Girl
Sun Bleached Flies