Exhibition on ANOHNI’s Blacklips Performance Cult opening in NYC

A new exhibition will focus on the work of Blacklips Performance Cult, the collective founded by ANOHNI with Johanna Constantine and Psychotic Eve, that staged plays at NYC's Pyramid Club from 1992-1995. 29 of those plays will be featured in Blacklips Performance Cult: 13 Ways To Die, running from November 6-December 18, 2022 at Participant Inc on the Lower East Side. Each day will focus on video of a different play; find the full list below.

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Blacklips Performance Cult: 13 Ways to Die is the third in a series of exhibitions curated by ANOHNI exploring work related to Blacklips Performance Cult. Blacklips was started by ANOHNI in New York City's East Village in the summer of 1992 with founding members Johanna Constantine and Psychotic Eve. At times, Blacklips enacted an art of death as described by artist and queer theorist Jill H. Casid, anticipating the Necrocene with the production of allegorical plays that addressed the intertwined issues of AIDS and the Anthropocene, weekly and with great effort, through scenes of post-apocalyptic horizons populated by dead and undead, non-human and human characters.

Blacklips Performance Cult: 13 Ways to Die

Nov 9: Revenge of Blacklips (by ANOHNI, 10/26/1992)
Nov 10: The Blue Angel (by ANOHNI, 11/9/1992)
Nov 11: The Descent into Hell/The Ascent into Heaven (by Anohni, 11/16 and 30/1992)
Nov 12: Spectra (by Johanna Constantine, 11/23/1992)
Nov 13: The Palomar Ballroom (by Hattie Hathaway, 12/14/1992)
Nov 16: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (by Psychotic Eve, 12/21/1992)
Nov 17: Swiss Family Donner Party (by Psychotic Eve, 1/11/1993)
Nov 18: Frankenstein (by Lost Forever, 1/18/1993)
Nov 19: Jack The Ripper (by Lost Forever, 2/15/1993)
Nov 20: Hunch! (by Lost Forever and Hattie Hathaway, 3/1/1993)
Nov 23: Revelations (by Lily of the Valley, 3/8/1993)
Nov 25: The Funeral of Fiona Blue (by ANOHNI, 3/15/1993)
Nov 26: Charlies Angels (by Psychotic Eve, 3/22/1993)
Nov 27: Class Nine Nuclear Mishap (by Dr. Clark Render, 3/29/1993)
Nov 30: Starvation (by ANOHNI, 4/12/1993)
Dec 1: Sodom (by Anonymous, 5/10/1993)
Dec 2: Clayworld (by Lily of the Valley, 5/24/1993)
Dec 3: The Socialite (by James F. Murphy, 6/12/1993)
Dec 4: Your Cigarette (by Lost Forever, 6/19/1993)
Dec 7: The Wings of Honnimies (by Johanna Constantine, 7/2/1993)
Dec 8: Seven (by Lily of the Valley, 11/29/1993)
Dec 9: World of Monsters (by Johanna Constantine, 2/7/1994)
Dec 10: Aunt Klunch’s Lonely Waxworks (by Herr Klunch, 3/14/1994)
Dec 11: The Birth of Anne Frank (by ANOHNI, 5/2/1994)
Dec 14: Rushes (by Sissy Fitt, 5/9/1994)
Dec 15: The Shysters/Earthquake (by Dr. Clark Render, 5/30/1994)
Dec 16: Death (by Flloyd, 9/19/1994)
Dec 17: 3 Weeks/Waiting (by James F. Murphy, 10/10/1994)
Dec 18: Chop! (by Jennifer Honkytits, 10/24/1994)