Expressive Singer Mafalda Almeyda Drops Heartfelt Debut EP: Crowded Room

Talented singer Mafalda Almeyda blesses her fans with a collection of some of her best songs so far, all packed in an emotional EP called Crowded Room. Every single song touches the souls of the listener, creating a personal connection with the artist. 

The collection has five stirring songs and each song offers a different experience with their strong vocals, spiritual melodies and unique natural sounds. The artist pours her whole heart on each verse as the songs bring up nostalgic memories and create a loving ambience. Mafalda Almeyda uses soothing piano melodies as the backbone of her songs and the result is quite mesmerising. 

The incredible singer draws inspiration from tragic events in her life and uses those depressing emotions to come up with the kind of songs she wants to create. Mafalda Almeyda’s debut EP Crowded Room is now out and available for purchase and stream.

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