EYMMI’s “Zombie” Unleashing Creative Potential In Music


Crafting the unconventional, EYMMI ’s new single “Zombie,” emerges as a beacon of innovation and personal connection. During the song's creation, a moment of pure artistic intuition led to a significant change in its structure, defining the essence of the track. 

While working on “Zombie,” EYMMI faced a creative crossroads with the pre-chorus. The original version was melodic, featuring high-pitched vocals, but during a studio session, he decided to blend this with an alternative version for the second pre-chorus. This decision, born out of a spontaneous connection with the music, gave the song a unique twist and became his favorite part of the track. 

In an imaginary world where collaborations transcend time, EYMMI dreams of teaming up with SEXYY RED. The fusion of his innovative sound with SEXYY RED's emotionally charged and imaginatively rich music could result in a groundbreaking track, combining emotional depth with an edgy, sexy flair. 

Envisioning “Zombie” as a short film, EYMMI identifies the transformation into a zombie as the pivotal scene. This choice is significant, as it suggests a theme of metamorphosis, possibly reflecting the artist's personal journey or a commentary on societal change. 

His musical journey, though influenced by diverse cultures, has yet to incorporate specific local melodies or rhythms from his background. This absence of direct cultural influence in his current music leaves room for future exploration and integration of global sounds.

“Zombie" is a narrative of EYMMI's artistic journey, marked by moments of unexpected inspiration, dreams of unique collaborations, and the potential for future cultural integration.

Watch the official video for “Zombie” here”

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