Fake Fruit’s Hannah D’Amato tells us about her Top 10 Places to Cry in 2021

Hannah D'Amato has been leading Fake Fruit though various lineups and various cities for five years, but didn't find her footing until landing in San Francisco with a steady, talented group of bandmates and a champion in Sonny Smith (Sonny & The Sunsets) who tried to get band signed to a proper indie before just putting this album out himself. Fake Fruit has the energy of a debut but the assuredness and nuance of a third album, using standard indie rock parts but making them feel brand new. If you haven't checked it out you can listen below.

Fake Fruit have a few West Coast shows lined up for late January and February, including San Francisco with Sour Widows, and shows in L.A., Oakland, Portland and Seattle with Fucked Up. Those dates are listed below.

We have been asking artists for end-of-year lists and Hannah's is very unique. "What a turbulent year this has been, I had high highs, and low lows," says Hannah. "I am the human personification of a cadbury egg with a gooey caramel center, so my eyes leak for all kinds of occasions, happy and sad. It was incredible to put our debut LP out this year expecting it to get lost amidst the chaos, and then have it be met with an incredible reception that I am still baffled by. Anyway, this year I became a more experimental crier sometimes on purpose and a lot of times by accident." Hannah adds, "Important to note I’ve always been a crier, so don’t worry about me I’m okay; promise."

Read Hannah's list ot Top 10 Places to Cry in 2021, complete with commentary, below.

Hannah D'Amato of Fake Fruit's Top 10 Places to Cry in 2021

#1) In the Shower
My all time favorite place to cry has to be the shower. Everytime I cry in there I always think about that Everly Brothers' song: “I’ll Do My Crying in the Rain.” Anyway, I think most people have cried in the shower regardless of whether or not it was a conscious decision.

#2) On the BART
I tend to put headphones in and have a good think on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and sometimes I accidently boil over and cry. All in all pleasant, but I will say the newly designed BART cars are not optimal for crying as they have less backwards facing seats, and the lighting looks like you’re in a grocery store.

#3) At a Wedding
This is another classic cry spot. I got to go to one of my bandmate's wedding in Canada, and there was no way I wasn’t going to cry. What I wasn’t expecting was my other bandmate’s tiny toddler deciding to start yelling a word I taught him earlier that day during the reception. So this was a cry mixed with laughter as the happy couple said their vows, and a tiny voice was screaming “GABBAGOOL” over and over.

#4) Most Etsy Commercials
It’s seriously amazing how quickly I can go from zero to crying. The best example is how quickly things escalate with me while I watch an Etsy commercial. In my defense they really go for the emotional jugular and they love making you watch grandparents be separated from their brand new grandkids etc. Anyway, not my fault.

#5) Into the Pickle Jar
I love a late night pickle. I’m definitely guilty of standing in front of the fridge like a lost lamb and staring into the abyss sometimes. All of this is good foreplay for crying if you ask me. Doesn’t hurt to replenish the brine every now and then.

#6) In Front of the Albany Bowl
I have big big feelings for this pandemic shuttered bowling alley. I used to host a weekly bowling club there, and it was accidentally memorialized on our album art before I knew they were closing. I can still see the neon sign glowing every night from my living room. I go out of my way to walk on it’s side of the street so I can smash my face against the window and take stock of what arcade game, or bowling ball rack is missing. It’s a really depressing faded glory capital, and the perfect metaphor to sum up how Starbucks and Chipotle are the cockroaches of our society, and there’s only so long that small businesses can hold the weight of capitalism on their backs like Atlas before their knees buckle.

#7) In the Backseat
I recently got horrific cramps after we played in Santa Cruz with Mannequin Pussy. We left the gig very soon after their set, and I was very much not feeling all the Advil I had eaten. My bandmates stopped at 7/11 and made an apple pipe and we blasted some really embarrassing and nostalgic songs. I eventually felt better, but definitely cried while we were driving down a really windy road listening to "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane.

#8) At The Chapel
I’m sure I'm not the first to cry at The Chapel, but I specifically mean the venue in San Francisco. It was 11/11 and we were playing a show with Dry Cleaning who my bandmate Alex had showed me early on in the pandemic and I latched on immediately. Anyway, I was already in awe that we were sharing a bill with them, and if i’m being honest I was fully prepared for them to Cool Guy us. Our experience was so the opposite though; they were incredibly sweet and supportive and we still keep in touch! Anyway, we sat up in the viewing booth while they played, and we were all still buzzing from our set and I was feeling really grateful; of course I cried.

#9) While DJing
I recently spun at a holiday party, and was reaching that famous holiday boiling point. Anway, I started misting up thinking about having to miss out on seeing my parents for the second year in a row, and then boom I was covertly crying in a sea of dancing people while I was playing Prince. Pretty funny to me now.

#10) Bush Radical
I recently discovered a new YouTube channel called Bush Radical that I love watching when i’m home alone with my big ass dog Huey. This man and his wife have been building off-the-grid cabins since 2000, and they do time lapses and there's soothing music in the background. Anyway, I make myself the little spoon and I daydream about building a small cabin and I happy cry because this couple has really figured out what they love to do. Also, the guy talks extensively about how he makes his Kool-Aid stronger than “that weak kid’s juice” and he shows his cup and it's as red as blood and dammit, that’s funny to me so I cry laughing too.


Fake Fruit - 2022 Tour Dates
Jan 20 - Bottom of the Hill - San Francisco, CA
Feb 18 - Ukrainian Culture Center - Los Angeles (LA), CA
Feb 19 - Starline Social Club Crystal Cavern - Oakland, CA
Feb 21 - Mississippi Studios - Portland, OR
Feb 22 - The Crocodile - Seattle, WA