Fan-Favorite Chris Farley Movie Coming to Netflix in March

A fan-favorite Chris Farley film is headed to Netflix. 1997's Beverly Hills Ninja will be streaming on the platform beginning Mar. 1. The film is the final one to be released before Farley's death, although two more films were released in 1998 posthumously. Also starring Nicollette Sheridan, Nathaniel Parker, Chris Rock, and Robin Shou, Beverly Hills Ninja revolves around Farley's Haru, a white orphan boy who is raised by a clan of ninjas after being found as an infant in an abandoned treasure chest.

The film was a success in the box office, bringing in $37.9 million on a $18 million budget. It topped the North American box office opening weekend with $12.2 million. Although Beverly Hills Ninja received generally negative reviews, it is considered a fan-favorite among viewers. Of course, a majority of Farley's films are considered fan-favorites, regardless, but Beverly Hills Ninja is definitely up there.

As of now, Beverly Hills Ninja is not streaming anywhere, aside from Sling and other platforms where you have to pay to individually watch the movie. That will soon change, though, when the film finally comes to Netflix. It's unknown how long it will be on the platform, as some titles are available long-term while others are only there for a few months. However, just knowing that Beverly Hills Ninja is coming to Netflix is more than enough.

On top of Beverly Hills Ninja, there are plenty of other titles coming to Netflix in March 2024. Kicking off the month will be The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2, Godzilla, 21 Bridges, and all five seasons of The Jamie Foxx Show. Other titles include all six seasons of The Resident, Millie Bobby Brown's long-awaited film Damsel, Season 3 of Young Royals, the first two seasons of Girls5eva, along with the new third season, and many, many more.

It's going to be exciting to finally stream Beverly Hills Ninja for however long it's available. As the final Chris Farley film to be released in his lifetime, it's much more special than most of his films. Soon fans will be able to stream it when Beverly Hills Ninja comes to Netflix this Friday, Mar. 1. It's definitely a great way to kick off the month and fans old and new will want to watch it.