‘Fire Country’: Sabina Gadecki Reveals How Long She’s Known About Cara’s Tragic Fate Following Ambulance Crash (Exclusive)

The latest episode of Fire Country saw a surprising and heartbreaking death, and Sabina Gadecki spoke to PopCulture.com all about it. After recurring as Bode's ex-girlfriend and potential baby mama, and aspiring ER nurse, Cara, since the beginning of the series, Season 2, Episode 5, "This Storm Will Pass," saw Cara's heartbreaking death. She and Bode were in an ambulance crash, and although it seemed like all was fine with the two exes, it was not. It was soon discovered that Cara had been stabbed and was slowly bleeding out, among other factors.

By the episode's end, Cara had succumbed to her injuries. While her death was a surprise for the characters and fans watching, Gadecki admitted she's "known since the first episode." She continued, "I've known before everybody, of course, Max too, but I've known before any of the cast, and I'm grateful that I did. I'm so happy that it wasn't like I got the script, and I read it. I had a few months to process on my own. And it's gut-wrenching to say goodbye to a character that you've really poured your heart into, but if there's a way to go, I feel very grateful that my character was honored in this way. I've known for months, and it's not easy. I love everybody. I love the cast, the crew, everything about it. It was hard to say goodbye."

(Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/CBS)

While it surely makes things a bit easier having that extra time to take it all in, it doesn't make things any easier, especially knowing how brutal the episode was. That being said, it was far too soon to say goodbye to Gadecki and Cara, even if that was the plan all along. It's going to be hard to continue on without her, especially knowing that Jordan Calloway's Jake was planning on proposing. 

At the very least, both Bode and Jake were able to get some sort of closure. Bode was with Cara when she died and tried his hardest to save her. While his well-being after Cara's death will be hard to watch, it will certainly be interesting to see how he steps into more of a responsible role with Genevieve. Jake, on the other hand, was able to say goodbye to the love of his life over the radio. Considering he and Gen had also grown close, viewers can look forward to how the three of them will do after Cara's passing.

These next few episodes are going to be hard to watch as Bode, Jake, Gen, and the rest of Edgewater grieve Cara. There is no telling what will happen, and fans will want to tune in on Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.