Flavor Flav set to star in new reality show about him going back to high school

Flavor Flav has announced his plan to earn his high school diploma, which will be documented for an upcoming reality TV show.

Over the weekend, the rap legend spoke to TMZ and revealed his return to reality TV will be happening this year – declaring that he never stopped dreaming of getting his diploma despite his success with hip-hop icons Public Enemy.

“More reality TV coming up for [me] but no dating shows! It’s not the dating show thing, man,” he said. “I’m going back to high school to get my diploma! That’s what my show is going to be about; Flavor Flav goes back to high school to get his diploma. And I’m getting it for real – not a GED, bro. I want my diploma.”


Flav went on to say that he understands that the curriculum has changed since he last went to school, adding: “If I want that diploma, it’s just something that I ain’t got no choice but to adapt to.”

Flavor Flav at Flipper's Boogie Palace in Las Vegas. Photo credit: Rich Polk/Getty Images for Flipper's Roller Boogie Palace
Flavor Flav at Flipper’s Boogie Palace in Las Vegas. Photo credit: Rich Polk/Getty Images for Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace

The Public Enemy rapper first became a reality TV star when he participated in the 2003 MTV classic The Surreal Life. He earned a spin-off show called Strange Love with then-wife Danish model and actress Brigitte Nielsen. After they divorced, Flav had his own dating competition show called Flavor Of Love which has now become a cultural phenomenon.

In the same chat with TMZ, Flav revealed why he loves Billie Eilish so much. He met the 22-year-old at an Oscars afterparty and rewarded her with a pink Barbie clock chain after she won her second Oscar for the 2023 single ‘What Was I Made For?’ from the Barbie soundtrack. She won her first Oscar in 2022 for their Bond theme, ‘No Time To Die’.

“She got good music,” he began. “I’m proud of her man – she’s the youngest person to have two Oscars, and the whole nine. Even if she didn’t win that Oscar, she would have got that clock from me.”

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“I wore that pink suit and that clock [to the 2024 Oscars] in support of her,’ he continued. I didn’t know whether she was going to win that award or not, but I went there in support of her. But the look on that girl’s face when I gave her that clock, she appreciated that.”

He also  revealed that he is “looking forward to doing something with her one day.”

In other news, Flavor Flav has expressed how big of a fan he is of Taylor Swift, calling himself “King Swiftie.”