Florida emo band GILT debut new vocalist & sound with “In Windows” (watch the video)

Last year, Florida's GILT released their debut LP Ignore What's Missing, an album that channelled the dark, sprawling sounds of mid 2000s emo/post-hardcore, but now they're changing it up. Drummer Ash Stixx is now assuming lead vocal duties, and they've adopted a much bigger, pop-friendly sound than what they had before. For our first taste of the new sound, the band is putting out an EP called In Windows, Through Mirrors, which features two drastically reworked versions of Ignore What's Missing songs and one new song. The first single is "In Windows," a new version of "Ignore What's Missing," and here's what the band says about it:

"In Windows (Ignore What's Missing)" is about misplaced priorities, pride, and standing in your own way. The song was originally the title track of our debut album, but after bringing our former drummer Ash Stixx up front for vocals, we realized how powerful their take on it was and how much the song had changed. Hansel Romero was the perfect producer to push Ash's vocal range but they also helped us get much heavier guitar tones and make the breakdown more devastating. The "In Windows" video, shot with the help of our friend Cole Kubizne, sees Ash exploring the idea of painful growth in physical spaces both light and dark. We tried to make it clear that it wasn't about one side dominating, as much as it is letting yourself be confident and doing what you need to heal, which is why we pulled in nature imagery both soft and sharp, as well as physical damage.

The EP comes out November 11 via self-release digitally (pre-save), and on cassette via Knifepunch Records (US) and Hunkofplastic Records (UK) (pre-order). Check out the new song/video below.

In Windows (Ignore What’s Missing
Long Time Coming
Through Mirrors (I Didn’t Want You As A Mirror)