Forgetmyname’s Secret Sonic Recipe Births The New Anthemic Single “Crazy”

After her highly noticed entry into the music world with the singles “Complex” and “High,” Forgetmyname, the musical project of Nicole is back in full-force with a new release. This time, the talented artist has imagined an anthemic hit single simply titled “Crazy.” Produced by Isaac Buna with a strong emphasis on merging various styles with electronic textures, the soundscape has proven to be the ideal sonic canvas for the singer-songwriter to take the audience to a higher dimension through her atmospheric vocals. 

Her organic and incredibly powerful vocal gift holds the power to challenge the listener and awaken all hidden emotions. Talent alone cannot produce such inner turmoil for the audience, and years of hard work, determination, and time have been necessary for Nicole to polish, refine, and develop her singing skills which she discovered since her youngest age. 

A post-break-up single that millions can relate to, “Crazy” is stunning on so many levels, especially in the contrast of vibes it intertwined to perfection, with a groovy yet blissful atmosphere coexisting in total harmony for a hypnotic overall listening experience.