Gang of Youths release new song “The Man Himself”

Gang of Youths recently released the new EP Total Serene with two new songs ("The Angel of 8th Ave" and "Unison") and an Elbow cover, and now they've released another new single, "The Man Himself." It's got that Springsteen-sized ambition, but Gang of Youths shake it up with some skittering, eccentric arrangements that nod to their love of The National. It's another promising new song, and you can hear it below.

Still no update on the band's anticipated new album, but frontman David Le’aupepe recently said, "It's done because the caveat is nothing with me, as Tom [Hobden] has found out in the two years, nothing with me is ever done. We actually scrapped the album twice and restarted." Tom added, "It's ready when it's ready. You know, I'm not, I'm not gonna rush it."