Gay Meat (Museum Mouth) preps debut EP (stream “Heart Shaped Flail”)

Gay Meat, the solo project of Karl Kuehn, who sang in Museum Mouth and played in a late-period lineup of Say Anything, has announced his debut EP Bed of Every, due October 28 via Self Aware Records (pre-order). It was co-produced by Brett Scott, and it's meant to tide us over for the Gay Meat full-length, which Karl is working on as we speak. The first single is the punky power pop of "Heart Shaped Flail," and here's what Karl tells us about it:

I've been referring to this as my neurotic pop song EP haha. "Heart Shaped Flail" is about the distraction of a new crush, and how burdening it can be to the people you lean on when you're actively avoiding engaging with your REAL LIFE. Like, before I found myself in my perfect beautiful relationship with my bf... if I had a crush? It became EVERYONE'S business. Shout out to all the friends who have been my therapists. Go to and use discount code "heart shaped flail" for absolutely 0% off.

Check out the new song below...