Get Corrosion of Conformity’s classic ‘Deliverance’ on exclusive red/orange splatter vinyl (ltd to 500)

Following the recent 30th anniversary edition of Corrosion of Conformity's influential 1991 album Blind, we've teamed with the band on a special edition red/orange splatter vinyl reissue of that album's 1994 followup Deliverance, limited to just 500 copies and available exclusively in our stores. The album was remastered for vinyl and it features three B-sides previously unreleased on vinyl, added photos, and an oral history detailing the making and impact of the LP. Get yours here while they last.

Deliverance was the band's first album with Pepper Keenan on lead vocals, and it solidified CoC's transition from a crossover thrash band to a sludge metal band. Pepper told the story of the album in a 2016 Louder Sound feature:

“I recall when we had a tape of the songs without vocals, we knew it was the right move to make, even though everything was against us. That’s what I’m most proud of. At a time when the world was going Seattle crazy, we were listening to classic rock like Grand Funk Railroad, and insisting that’s where wanted to be.

“We’d grown up with Sabbath, but really couldn’t play what they did. That’s why the early stuff sounds like Sabbath sped up! But we got so into the Southern vibe, and we were doing it when it was far from trendy. You could say we began the revival, and gave the idea to so many others.”

The other thing Pepper is delighted about is the way Deliverance severed those hardcore connections.

“We were fed up with that scene. It was going round in circles, offering nothing new. But when we came out with this album, so many hardcore bands and fans accused us of selling out. I thought it was laughable. Like what they were doing was true hardcore? I’ll tell you what was ‘hardcore’: COC going onstage and facing all those fans and playing "Albatross." That took balls – that’s being more true to the spirit of the movement than anybody else.

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