Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Young says new K-pop groups seem “half-hearted” on music shows

Tiffany Young of Girls’ Generation has commented on the performances of junior K-pop groups on music shows.

During a recent episode of MBC talk show Radio Star, the K-pop veteran opened up about some of the differences between the acts of her generation and current groups. The singer shared that new acts seem “half-hearted” while rehearsing on music shows.

“Back in the day, we would give it our all on stage, striving to catch the camera’s attention regardless of our position. However, now there’s this thing called ‘fancam’ that covers each member of a group,” she said per SBS Star.

As a result, she explained, idols no longer have to try as hard in order to stand out and get more camera time during performances, and now appear “quite relaxed”.


“I was surprised to see how half-hearted these days’ K-pop groups are in rehearsals. It made me wonder, ‘Why aren’t they putting in more effort? Was it just a sound check?’,” she continued. “But apparently, they just don’t put much effort into rehearsals these days […] I don’t want to be a boomer, but, you know.”

The singer then shared her personal opinion on the matter: “There’s a saying that goes, ‘First time, last time, every time’. It means one should always approach things as if it’s their first and last time doing them. I think artists should approach rehearsals that way.”

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In other K-pop news, 2NE1 have come together for a special photoshoot commemorating their 15th anniversary. In a message to fans, the group’s leader CL wrote: “2NE1 has always been my house that made me feel the freedom to love, to play, to express, to create, to shine, to mix, to connect and share with people.”

Elsewhere, boyband SEVENTEEN’s performance unit have unveiled the music video for their new track ‘Spell’. The song is part of the group’s recent compilation album ‘17 Is Right Here’, which arrived last month.