Glass Animals Announced Their Fourth Album, ‘I Love You So F***ng Much,’ And Shared Their New Single, ‘Creatures In Heaven’

Glass Animals is back. Today (April 3), the band has announced their new album, I Love You So F*cking Much, which is set to arrive this summer. Ahead of the album, Glass Animals has shared their new single, “Creatures In Heaven.”

On the spacey “Creatures In Heaven,” lead vocalist Dave Bayley looks back on a past relationship — but with fondness, not regret or bitterness.

“I don’t think I realize / Just how much I miss you sometimes / We were young and so in love / We were just creatures in heaven,” sings Bayley on the chorus.

The band’s upcoming album was born by way of an existential crisis Bayley was experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the world was locked down, the band’s 2020 song “Heat Waves” had propelled the band into newfound stardom. I Love You So F*cking Much centers around a space odyssey theme, as Bayley and the boys navigate the chaos.

“I love you so f*cking much, I LOVE YOU SO F*CKING MUCH, I love you SO f*cking MUCH, I love you so F*CKING much, I LOVE you so f*cking MUCH. These words take on a different meaning every time you say them,” said Bayley in a statement. “The universe may make us feel overwhelmingly small, but we have this human connection that is far vaster and more mysterious. Love comes in an infinite number of forms and shapes and sizes. It is so complex, and so powerful that even witnessing the tiniest instance of it can change your life forever.”

You can listen to “Creatures In Heaven” above and see the I Love You So F*cking Much artwork and tracklist below.


1. “Show Pony”
2. “whatthehellishappening”
3. “Creatures in Heaven”
4. “Wonderful Nothing”
5. “A Tear in Space (Airlock)”
7. “How I Learned To Love Bomb”
8. “White Roses”
9. “On the Run”
10. “Lost in the Ocean”

I Love You So F***ing Much is out 7/19 via Republic Records. Find more information here.