GoFundMe launched for Russian Circles after gear stolen

Post-rock greats Russian Circles recently shared the unfortunate news that they had tons of gear stolen on Saturday night, when they were staying at a CA hotel, on tour with System of a Down. Efforts to find the stolen gear have been unsucessful, and to make matters worse, their shows supporting SOAD in Los Angeles were postponed to 2022 after Serj Tankian tested positive for COVID. Russian Circle's manager, Cathy Pellow at Sargent House, has now launched a GoFundMe Campaign to get them up and running again.

The campaign site reads:

Russian Circles are one of the most hardworking bands I've met. As their manager it has been so hard to watch them suffer back-to-back financial losses because of this pandemic - first with a full European tour cancellation that left them deeply in debt and now having all their gear stolen while out in California for their first shows back in two years. We then found out our insurance had lapsed and none of it would be covered. If that was not enough today we got the final blow of having both of their Los Angeles shows be cancelled the day before, due to circumstances completely beyond our control.

We really hoped that the stolen gear would somehow be found so that we would not have had to ask for so much help. We still have had no leads and getting any of it back seems unlikely. Now, the loss of the income and merch sales from these two big shows is leaving them with just too many unrecoupable expenses for me not to ask our music loving community to help them .

Please know, it is only in the most extreme of circumstances that we would ever ask for this.

A huge thank you to a few of the gear companies that did reach out and did replace a few items. As well as the friends / musicians that offered loaners for them to use. Your kindness was so appreciated.

With eternal love and thanks to all that help us spread the word and or who can contribute.


Cathy Pellow / Sargent House

You can donate here, and see a list of Russian Circle's stolen gear with photos here.