Grimes shares new single “Player of Games,” compares herself to Marie Antoinette

Not only does Grimes have a new AI girl goup, NPC, she's also shared a new single of her own, "Player of Games," which she says is the first of the "BOOK 1 era." She debuted the song, which she produced with Illangelo, during her SplendourXR DJ set back in July, and it's also appeared in the recent trailer for season 5 of the video game Rocket League. Watch the lyric video below.

Grimes also made headlines recently when she returned to TikTok, despite the "debilitating anxiety about being online" she says she's developed, and talked about "winding up as some kind of Marie Antoinette-esque symbol for inequality in the pop stan community." She says she wants to keep sharing her "crazy ideas" about creating a "radical uptopia," even though they "make people super upset sometimes," and she also brings up the "literal geopolitical scandals" she says she's been dragged into, not to mention being stalked and having friends leak her personal information. Watch the TikTok below.