Guided by Voices were a question on ‘Jeopardy’ tonight (video)

While Jeopardy is still in search of a permanent host, their (occasional) love of classic alternative and indie rock remains ever-present. On Monday night's edition, the 'MUSICAL 3-INITIALers' for $2000 answer was "GBV can only be this indie band led by former Ohio schoolteacher Robert Pollard."

The correct question, of course is "What is Guided by Voices?", and returning champion Amy Schneider got it right. Watch that below.

If you're wondering, the other artists in Musical 3-INITIALers were ELO, MGK, ONJ, BTO.

Guided by Voices canceled their New Year's shows in Atlantic City and Brooklyn this week due to the Omicron outbreak.

You can get GBV albums Alien Lanes, Isolation Drills, and Under the Moon Under the Stars on vinyl in the BV shop.