GZA, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah brought ‘3 Chambers’ tour to Terminal 5 (pics)

Wu-Tang Clan members GZA, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah are currently on the '3 Chambers Tour' where they're celebrating their classic mid '90s solo albums, Liquid Swords, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, and Ironman, respectively. The tour hit NYC on Monday night at Terminal 5 and pictures by Edwina Hay are in this post.

The night started with DJ Symphony and Technician the DJ spinning songs before things really kicked off with GZA, first to the stage to perform a set of mostly Liquid Swords songs, including "4th Chamber" which is when he brought out Ghostface and Raekwon. That transitioned things into a Ghostface and Raekwon set, before they brought GZA back out for a triple threat set.

The set with GZA, Raekwon and Ghostface included Wu-Tang songs "Protect Ya Neck," "Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing ta F* Wit'", "C.R.E.A.M.," "Shame on a Ni**a," and "Triumph." They also performed Ol Dirty Bastard's "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" with O.D.B.'s son, Young D.B. The final song of the night was Wu-Tang's "Triumph," during which Raekwon declared, "They tryna cut us off!" He also asked the crowd if they were watching Hulu's Wu-Tang: An American Saga, and then said it was the "Wizard of Oz version of their story. They left the crowd with messages of peace and love and Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" blaring out of the speakers.

Check out pictures from Terminal 5 by Edwina Hay below.

The '3 Chambers' tour resumes on Friday (11/26) in New Haven, CT. Head here for all dates.

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