Hear NewJeans’ Hanni cover Daniel Caesar and H.E.R’s ‘Best Part’

NewJeans‘ Hanni has covered ‘Best Part’ by Daniel Caesar and H.E.R, as part of the girl group’s ongoing YouTube series ‘By Jeans’.

NewJeans’ Hanni released her cover of ‘Best Part’, originally released by Daniel Caesar and H.E.R in 2017, on April 18. Speaking about why she chose the song, the singer said: “I really love this song. I love the R&B genre and within R&B, this type of subtle and simple song is what I like the most.”

“Something I think I really like about this song is the simplicity in the lyrics and the soundtrack,” she added. “If you listen to the music, from start to finish, there’s just the same guitar progression that repeats and I think that’s what makes the song really calming to listen to.”

For her rendition, Hanni stayed faithful to the original song’s minimalistic, acoustic instrumentation. “You’re my water when I’m stuck in the desert / You’re the Tylenol I take when my head hurts / You’re the sunshine on my life,” she sings on the song’s pre-chorus.


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Earlier this month, NewJeans released a preview of their upcoming song ‘Bubble Gum’ through new commercials for the shampoo brand Essential from Japanese company Kao. The snippet of the song used in the commercials included lines in Japanese and English.

‘Bubble Gum’ was first announced last month, when NewJeans teased their upcoming release plans for 2024. The song will be featured on the single album ‘How Sweet’, which is set to be released on May 24 alongside a title track of the same name.


In June, the girl group will also release a Japanese single album with two songs: ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Right Now’. Additionally, the quintet have also teased plans to embark on a world tour sometime in 2025.