Hinds Dropped ‘En Forma,’ Their First-Ever Spanish Song With A Universal Message

In late February, Hinds released “Coffee” as their first song in four years. The Madrid, Spain-bred duo of Ana Perrote and Carlotta Cosials last released The Prettiest Curse in June 2020, and their next album, Viva Hinds, is due out on September 6. After “Coffee,” Hinds shared “Boom Boom Back” featuring Beck from the album’s tracklist. On Wednesday, June 19, Hinds dropped “En Forma,” which stands apart from previous Viva Hinds singles simply because it is their first-ever entirely Spanish-language song release.

“This was the first song I could write after months of feeling absolutely devastated, immobile and pathetic,” Cosials said in a statement, according to NME. “I just wanted to get better, but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t cope with this eternal race of being happier and better and cleaner and healthier.”

Perrote added, “When I talk with my girlfriends, in the same afternoon we can chat about wars, philosophy, love, and clothes. I tried to reflect on this song the chaos and huge spectrum of what it’s like to be a young woman these days. How overwhelming it can be to juggle the news, politics, our bodies, relationships and laundry.”

The accompanying “En Forma” video illustrates Cosials and Perrote’s sentiments. Watch it above, and learn more about their Viva Hinds album below.

Hinds’ Viva Hinds Tracklist

1. “Hi, How Are You”
2. “The Bed, The Room, The Rain and You”
3. “Boom Boom Back” Feat. Beck
4. “Stranger” Feat. Grian Chatten
5. “Superstar”
6. “Mala Vista”
7. “On My Own”
8. “Coffee”
9. “En Forma”
10. “Bon Voyage”

Hinds’ Viva Hinds Album Cover Artwork

Lukcy Number

Viva Hinds is out 9/6 via Lucky Number. Find more information here.