How To Buy Duran Duran’s Vinyl Reissues Of Their First Five Albums, Including ‘Duran Duran’ & ‘Rio’


Duran Duran were on top of the world in the ’80s (they’re still crushing it now with 2024 tour dates and their 2023 album Danse Macabre), an especially memorable era for the group. If that’s a time you’ve been wanting to revisit on vinyl or CD, the band has you covered via their recently announced reissue series.

This includes their first five albums: Duran Duran, Rio, Seven And The Ragged Tiger, Notorious, and Big Thing. Between these projects, you get favorites like “The Reflex,” “A View To A Kill,” and “Hungry Like The Wolf.”

How To Buy Duran Duran’s Vinyl Reissues Of Their First Five Albums

All five albums are due for release on July 19 via Warner Music and can be pre-ordered here. These albums have long been out of print and this is the first time the collection will be available in their original 1-CD and 1-LP formats (and with remastered audio, too). The vinyl editions were cur at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London.

There’s a lot of attention to detail here, as even the album artworks have been restored to the original sleeve designs, a process that was overseen by Malcolm Garrett, the designer responsible for the band’s first three albums.