Idles’ Glastonbury 2024 Set Brought A Whole New Meaning To Crowd-Surfing, Thanks To Banksy


Atop Glastonbury 2024’s lineup are titans Dua Lipa, Coldplay, SZA, and Shania Twain. However, yesterday’s show (June 28) was stolen by indie rockers — Idles.

During the “Gift Horse” musicians’ performance, the band made a bold political statement about the UK’s immigration policy thanks to the help of visual artist, Banksy.

If there was ever a music festival optimal for crowd-surfing, Glastonbury, would be it. So, the artists decided to take that idea up a level. In videos of the event, attendees are seen guiding Banksy’s latest performance art piece, an inflatable rafts holding figures dressed up as migrants, across the sea of people.

Beach balls are a commonly spotted at festivals, but Banksy’s work of art shouldn’t be dismissed as a light-hearted accessory. The intention behind the piece as highlighted by Idles’ song, “Danny Nedelko,” which can be heard in the background of festivalgoers video.

It is unclear if Idles and Banksy partnered up (highly unlikely) to speak out against Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s hotly contested immigration policy and reports of xenophobia across Europe. But, based on the tracks’ opening stanza: “My blood brother is an immigrant / A beautiful immigrant / My blood brother’s Freddie Mercury / A Nigerian mother of three / He’s made of bones, he’s made of blood / He’s made of flesh, he’s made of love / He’s made of you, he’s made of me / Unity,” you can certainly bet your bottom dollar Idles approves the message.